I established Dana Michele Makeup + Aesthetics to create a feeling of beauty and empowerment. Aside from the pure aesthetic of makeup, it has the ability to transform how a person feels about themselves and how amazing is that? There’s no greater pleasure than when a client says how beautiful they feel.

Down to it, I’m a nerd in that I find the science of skin and makeup just as fascinating as the art of applying it. Having a background in medical aesthetics my goal is not only to provide an outstanding service, but to educate my clients about the fundamentals of makeup and skin care by introducing quality products and simple and effective techniques that can be used every day at home.

Hi, I'm Dana

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Picking at your skin
Tolerating negative energy
Speaking poorly of others
Ignoring your aesthis advice
Skipping treatments


Investing in yourself
Setting healthy boundaries
Keeping up with monthly skincare treatments
Staying positive, even in hard times
Surrounding yourself with a supportive group of people
Creating a space you love


good skin is an entire mood, and the best cosmetic is great looking skin which is attainable through a commitment to a realistic skincare routine and professional treatments. To me makeup is an individualized beauty ritual that looks different for everyone where there’s more of a “trial and error” approach to discover which products and placement work best on the individual’s face shape.

my philosophy

"beauty without a kind soul is merely decoration"

I keep it pretty chill for the most part. I’m a homebody at heart, but when I’m not nestled in with all my boys I love traveling, discovering all of the delicious food around town, going on outdoor adventures and enjoying time spent with my loved ones.

Outside the Studio